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Here at Pond Point Animal Hospital we are committed to helping your pets live long and healthy lives.  Part of that is creating healthy eating and weight management habits.  Below we have included some links with guidelines for setting up an accurate meal plan to 1) assess your pets weight 2) create a meal plan that will either maintain their healthy weight or 3) create a meal plan that will help them lose weight.  

Step 1: Is my pet at a healthy weight?

This website has pictorial body condition charts that will help you determine if your pet is at a healthy weight. 

Step 2: How much and what should my dog be eating?

Calorie Calculator - this website has the link to a basic calorie calculator for your pets.  This will help you create a caloric guideline to follow.  Please factor in the calories from treats, bones and dental chews too when tracking your pets caloric intake.  

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Care to Share Referral Offer

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THIS ---->https://pondpointcom.vetmatrixbase.com/articles-and-links/healthy-weight-information.html

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Warm and friendly staff. Doctors are immensely knowledgeable, explaining things clearly and thoroughly. Visits are never rushed and concerns are never brushed off. Very kind and considerate of financial concerns; try their best to accommodate you.

- Teressa M.
Milford, CT

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