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Our veterinary team welcomes you and your pet! Here at Pond Point Animal Hospital, we always welcome new clients and patients to our full-service veterinary hospital. We encourage you to explore our services and call with any questions.

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Complete Wellness Care in Milford, CT

Routine wellness exams are a critical part of your pet’s healthcare routine to maintain their well-being and detect any medical issues before they progress. During your pet’s wellness exam, we will conduct an in-depth nose-to-tail examination and advise you on all aspects of your pet's care.

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Exceptional compassionate care. Dr. Carter and her entire staff go out of their way to care for both your pet and owners. I have three dogs that visit Pond Point and they are all cared for with love and compassion.

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Highly Rated on Google Reviews! 60+ Reviews

Holistic Veterinary Medicine in Milford, CT

Holistic veterinary medicine is a compassionate and comprehensive approach to pet care, focusing on the well-being of the whole animal, not just specific symptoms. By integrating conventional and alternative therapies, it seeks to address the root causes of health issues and promote long-term vitality. Our dedicated team of practitioners is committed to providing your beloved pets with the highest standard of care, emphasizing not only physical health but also emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Pet Dentistry in Milford, CT

Just like humans, pets require regular oral care to keep them from developing dental disease. Improper care of your pet's teeth can become very painful and eventually lead to serious illness. Our team is here to help protect your pet’s health and teach you the easy ways you can keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Preventative Care

Oral Exams

Teeth Cleanings


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Our Story

The Pond Point Animal Hospital team proudly serves the Milford, CT community and surrounding areas. We understand your pet is part of your family and we will do everything we can to ensure they live a long and healthy life. Our team stays up to date on modern medicine so we can ensure your pet receives the best care possible. We look forward to becoming your partner in your pet's healthcare.

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