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Pet Insurance

We cannot endorse any of the insurance programs listed above.  Selecting insurance for your pet has to be personalized to you and your pet’s needs. If you want help making the decision that is best for you, feel free to call the office for help – (203) 878-4646.

Shopping & On-line Pharmacy

Our online pharmacy is Vet’s First Choice.  We work hard to be competitively priced with other major online pet pharmacies and provide you with the highest quality compounded medications available.  When purchasing from our store, it is like an extended medical record that we have access to. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please call us and we will help – (203) 878-4646.

Dog Training

Their highly skilled, devoted dog trainer, Tom Porier offers customized IN-HOME programs to successfully address any concerns you have with your dog—no matter the breed, age or temperament. Their balanced dog training programs are customized to your dog, are Reward Based, and are designed to help your dog become reliable in ALL situations! Their training methods have been referred by vets for over 26 years!

Bark Busters is an internationally franchised dog training organization that practically erased euthanasia of homeless pets in Australia where it was developed.  Leadership is the main way in which Bark Busters works.  They are reasonably priced and come to your home for a free consultation and then, if you decide to hire them, they continue the training in your home and are available by phone to help you in between appointments.  Each area has their own Bark Buster trainers, but all are fully trained and have had extensive years working with dogs.